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We're restoring the cross-cultural tradition of circling together and exploring the deeper teachings you can't learn in books and videos. Experience circling with other committed students, practitioners and elders who are passionate and curious.

Join us in circle with seasoned Ayurveda Practitioners, Acupuncturists and guest Indigenous Elders as we explore the practical knowledge and mysteries of Nature Based teachings from intact lineages of Ayurveda, Taoism, Indigenous Knowledge and so on.  


Through soulful reflections, storytelling and dialogue we hone in on a particular teaching within these and pull the thread of the underlying principles, application, and understandings they offer.

During each gathering, we tap into core universal principles and explore how these are expressed in our bodies, behaviors, relationships, and personal patterns.

We then lean into the practical applications of what to be aware of and how to influence the principles of nature to live in greater flow, connection, and abundance.

These circles are open to all.   They're especially potent for students of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Yoga and other Nature based Traditions. 

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Next Circle is

Nov 9th

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


All Earth Based Medicine and Cultures have a common language, understandings and approach to living as an extension of Nature.


Instead of teachers we'll have core Facilitators who are steeped in their particular lineage and practice. They help to draw out the deeper teachings that can't be offered in books and then we explore together.


Your Primary Facilitators may be:

Chivito Cowa

Student, Teacher and Practioner of Ayurveda for 18 years.


Chivito followed a traditional learning trail. He sold all he owned and moved to India to learn directly from the Babas and his Ayurveda teacher Dr Kotecha.  His teachers sent him to different teachers who focused in particular areas of herbalism, Siddha Medicine, Esteemed Shamanic Village Healers, and Clinic Directors.

He also received certification through Kerela Ayurveda and Massage liciences through Ashmead.  He has certifications and training in Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Marma Therapy, and Pancha Karma.


He helped facilitate Yoga Teacher Immersion in at Hari OM Ashram in Pushkar India where he had a humble clinic offering Ayurveda Treatments.


He has facilitated multiple healing centers throughout the PNW and has lead Ayurveda Trainings for multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings.

His focus has been weaving together Ayurveda Medicine & Indigenous Knowledge and translating these into a language and understanding that's relevant and potent for people in today's society.

Travis Cummingham

Licensed Acupuncturist, BA, MAcOM

Travis C. is co-owner of Roots and Branch Acupuncture clinic in Multnomah Village.  He graduated from Chinese medicine school with a particular interest in finding the sources of health and disease. Travis has found success treating patients with a variety of chronic conditions who have sought many different types of treatment, but have had difficulty finding relief. His treatment style focuses heavily on building the patient/practitioner relationship and working with the unique experience of the person.

Travis C. works as a general practitioner, treating people for everything from the common cold to symptoms concurrent with cancer. His clinical focus is especially geared toward understanding the connection of the body and mind. Some of the most common chief complaints of his patients are: anxiety, depression, grief, fatigue, insomnia, diabetes, pain, peripheral neuropathy, UTI, vertigo, allergies, as well as chronic, "difficult to treat" conditions.

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