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Reclaiming The Second Half of Life
Healing, Integrating, Blooming

We will resume these soon

Traditionally, the second half of life was considered our blooming time. It was when we came into our hidden powers, wisdom, and ability to fully live life.  We've finally worn enough tread off our boots to discern who we are and what feeds us from all the stories we feel we should do and be. 

We bloom into ourselves in relation to how much we've healed our past, integrate and embody what our life has invited us to grow into

 At some point in our second half of life, something becomes activated within us and we feel a calling to come close-in with some hidden depth inside us.

We begin to ask questions.



  • Why did things happen as they did?

  • What were the deeper reasons you experienced what you did?


WHERE ARE YOU right now in the timeline of your life?

You began some time ago and you have life yet to live?  So where are you in this STORY being lived through you?


WHERE ARE YOU GOING?  As Mary Oliver asks, "What are you going to do with the rest of your one wild precious life?

For most people, the past holds unresolved wounds, failed expectations, and stories that ensnare us.

Here's the thing:

Because you have loved, you have experienced loss.

Because you've dared to dream you had failed expectations

Because we've stepped into the direction of our dreams we know struggle and failure accompanied with our success.

But when we fail to heal our past... fail to understand the deeper meanings and reasons in what we have lived and experience, our past  becomes an invisible weight and for many a cage.

"Those who don't learn the story that is trying to live through them don’t become old enough or ancient enough to serve the dream of life"

In this hearted centered conversation, we'll explore:

1.)  Ancestral knowledge that offers a profound perspective and approach to transitioning into your next stage of life

2.) How to navigate the fears, anxieties, and grief that often visit you in these times and how to avoid the traps of getting pulled into them

3.) How to understand what's happening as we shed the skin of Self and shed the skin of a stage of life.  What's really happening, and how can we gain a map of the territory we must now navigate?

4.) How to shift from merely growing older to becoming Elder, Sage, Wisdom Keeper.

5.) How the second half of life can be a time of blooming into your hidden powers and full expression or it may be a time of being pulled down by the weight of life.  How to make the shift?

"Elders are those who have survived little deaths and have learned something of the beauty and meaning of being fully alive."



JOIN US  6:30pm pst, this Tuesday around the Virtual Fireside (zoom)


We strive to model the Oral Tradition where through Story, poetry and conversation we draw out the practical and inspired cultural wisdom of navigating times of changing and deepening into life.


"Thank you for this.  This showed up just at the right time for me.  The synchronicity is ridiculous.  I didn't expect much from a free zoom call and I'm so happy I showed up. This offered me fresh perspective and I feel more confident with what I'm experiencing. Thank you." ~ Gretchen

"I love this concept of becoming Elder instead of Older and how the difference is in how we know and tell our stories.  You gave me new ways of looking at my life that I feel is opening me to healing from experiences I didn't think I could heal.  I'm looking forward to further exploration."  ~ Anna


"This experience nourished me for weeks after. I reflected on the stories and poems and conversations again and again.  Thank you for offering this. It's been so helpful for me as I transition into being an empty nester questioning my marriage and what my life may now entail. I now feel inspired and empowered." ~ Julia


"Wow!  One thing I'm taking away with me from your sharing is Permission.  To grieve, to honor what I feel is calling me, and to say yes.  It came up in my FB feed just at the right moment that morning and I'm so glad I registered. Thank you for the work you're doing and your generosity for sharing it." ~ Linda

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