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Wounded Healer Rites

Medcine People Rising!

"A society without Wounded Healers is a people without healers."

The Celts have a word that means "Old Hurt" and it's the kind of hurt no Celt would want to be without. 


Cross Culturally, IT WAS SAID unless one had this Old Hurt, they weren't qualified to be a healer or hold important roles in their community.

IN SHORT, Your "Medicine" isn't your skills, techniques or knowledge you've acquired.  Your "Medicine" resides in a deeper place.

There comes a time in each "Healers" life when they become broken open and feel an inward call to access deeper layers within oneself... to integrate all they've accumulated and become embodied.

TODAY, we're in DESPERATE NEED of Medicine People who've healed their past, harvested their gifts, and may now speak and share in a way that alerts others of a deeper medicine and potentiality within themselves.

These monthly gatherings provide an ancestral lens with how to harvest and integrate that provides a way of healing the deeper layers of our storied life.  When we do, our wounds become a medicine we may now carry for others.

It's through the wound we access our hidden gifts.

THE OBSTACLE WITH TODAY'S HEALERS IS that today, most healers, teachers, and helpers are conditioned, that as a "healer," you're not supposed to struggle or experience times of descent.  "Aren't you supposed to know what to do? "


This tends to evoke a Fraud Syndrome.  Who am I to help others when I'm in disarray? 

These monthly gatherings empower healers, coaches, teachers and helpers navigate their descents, heal and integrate their wounds, and know their story from an Indigenous & Ancestral understanding that it becomes medicine for others.

These prepare those who are looking to participate in Death Lodge Rites, Vision Quest or Wounded Healer Rites in the Spring and Summer of 2024.

The wounded healer is one who's accessed their deeper medicine through healing and integrating the wounds collected in life.

“When our wounds cease to be a source of shame, and become a source of healing, we have become wounded healers.”

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In these Cultural Gatherings, we:


  • Be with Elders, Healers and Mentors who can truly see you and honor you

  • Explore the Ancestral & Indigenous perspective that give you knew clarity and insight with your own wounds

  • Explore how to heal your past and present wounds... integrate them as a form of medicine

  • How to share from your personal experiences

  • How to help others navigate their wounds from a more intuned and experienced place

  • The practices, Rituals & rites of passage that  draw out your deeper gifts and serves to help you become embodied by them.

  • How to metabolize our own grief, loss, and brokenness that it becomes a gift we carry for others

In these monthly gatherings, we restore the Village Cultural where with Elders and Storytelling and Ritual we come into an ancestral or indigenous relationship with our wounds and dark descents that they become a source of healing, power, and medicine we may carry for others.


Join us 3rd Saturday of each month  

Noon - 3pm

  • Each gathering we focus on a specific theme, practice, or area. 

  • We listen into and explore the Storytelling and understandings from Indigenous and Ancestral cultures that give us fresh perspective.

  • We enjoy an activity or game to help us integrate and apply it in real-time

  • We dialogue, reflect and share



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