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Raven's Eye View Session

Gain Clear Perspective & Steps of Action

We all experience moments when the path ahead is unclear or when we're ready to break free from a recurring patterns.​

But because we're always looking out our own eyes we don't see the hidden blocks, beliefs or stories that bind us. 

In this session we gain a raven's eye view that reveals with pristine clarity how to make the shift you want to make.

This is a potent & valuable session we recommend having 4 or more times a year as we shift with the seasons.

90 min Session

Raven's Eye View

Schedule for in-person here at the Tortoise Temple or for a phone or Zoom session. 

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Free 30 min Conversation

Schedule a free 30 minute conversation with Chivito.  Ask questions, learn more, explore how to apply these traditions for you specifically

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