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Breaking Spells

Unveiling the hidden layers and insights of past and present through ancient wisdom

The deeper meanings and original understandings of our lives have been cloaked from us. Spells have been cast through social, religious and familial conditioning that has distorted how we perceive our life and our own life stories.

Imagine being part of a dedicated group gathering twice a month in the old ways where we delve into these teachings, stories, and practices of esteemed traditions that have endured over time and continue to hold value and profound relevance, especially today.

These narratives intricately weave us into the profound meanings and connections embedded within our individual paths and the greater story of life we're but part of.

In doing so we break spells...  We break free from the adopted beliefs, conditioning and ways of viewing our own life stories that blocks us and even keep us in a recurring self-defeating loop. 

Who doesn't feel there's something blocking them that they haven't been able to identify?

We all have blind spots and holding patterns.

Through these immersive gatherings we learn how to integrate ancient wisdom within our contemporary lives.

We discover the deeper meanings and hidden layers of the life we've lived and how to carry our life experiences in a way they inform and empower us today.

We gain new sight with how to live awake in our story that we experience greater connection, flow and meaning in our lives.

In doing so, we experience what the Navajo call Hozho... "Walking in beauty." 


Join us NEXT Thursdays 6:30pm pst around the Virtual Fireside "zoom" 

Recommended Donation of $25

Any donations is warmly received

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