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The Dark

Accessing The Inner Sanctum
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A Virtual Fireside Event

Discover clarity, reclaim personal power, and connect with a supportive community in our transformative class:

Experience an exclusive Virtual Fireside Event with esteemed Rites of Passage Guide, Storyteller and Mythologist, Chivito Cowa of the Tree of Totems Cultural Community.

In these premium circles, he shares from his 20 years of experience guiding others through their dark descents and pulls back the veil to highlight the Maps, Practices, and Questions that empower you to navigate times of uncertainty, change, and retrieving soul loss.


RSVP your seat around the virtual fireside.


In these gatherings, you will:

Break Free from Anxieties, Fears, and Uncertainties:

​ Acquire exclusive practical tools to take control of the challenges you face.

Reclaim Direction and Ground Yourself:

Rediscover what you can control and regain a sense of purpose.

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Navigate the Mythic Landscape:

Understand the hidden layers, and uncover the deeper meaning in your experiences.  Identify the mthyic motifs and archetypes present in your experience and how to use them for your advantage

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Gain New Perspectives:


Listen and reflect on others' journeys, finding resonance in mythic themes present in their experiences.

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Discover Hidden Invitations:

Explore how these challenging times are opportunities to break old holding patterns, to grow, heal, and unlock new powers within yourself.

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Each of us experiences times of loss, uncertainty and struggle. 

It can be stressful and scary.

Did you know that these times were anticipated and we once had elders and mentors who had an intimate knowledge of the inner terrain?

Did you know there's a detailed map that outlines the specific stages we go through when life re-directs us and we're forced to navigate hard times?

When we adopt an Indigenous and Mythic approach, we gain a renewed sense of power. We gain clarity, the deeper meanings, and  a map with how to navigate the present terrain of life.

We discover the gifts, strengths and hidden teachings we're being invited to grow into.

 These aren't ordinary times, they are initiatory Times.  We're restoring an ancestral way of tuning our ears to the mythic ground we now tread

Our descents have always been regarded as important moments.  Are you paying attention to the deeper layers?

What we’ll lean into:

  • Practical tools, mindsets and ways of navigating your shadows

  • Tease out the questions you haven’t thought to ask yet

  • Ancestral & Indigenous approach to Grief Tending

  • How to remain grounded and empowered in times of uncertainty, anxiety and fear

  • The deeper meanings and hidden layers in your experience

  • How to trail the questions that are stalking you

  • How to tune your ears to the mythic ground you’re uniquely on

  • Break free from Shame, Guilt, Remorse

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How To Join The Virtual Fireside Circle (zoom)

Click the link below to enroll into the circle. 

Suggested Contribution of $35  


We don't turn anyone away. 


This circle is here to support all.


If you're in a place to contribute, please do.  If finances are tight, contribute to someone else in your future to support their journey. This is the indigenous way of reciprocity. 

Wednesdays, 6:30 pm PST

100% Money Back Gurantee

We're here to be of service.  If for any reason you didn't resonate, let us know. There is a mythic quality to this work that connects us to a kind of poetic imagination. 

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