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In Person Sessions

Join me in person at the Tortoise Temple nestled just on the wild edges of Portland OR

The Tea Temple is a special place to pilgrimage to for reflection, healing and inner cultivation.

The property has been artfully and intentionally tended to with walking paths, koi pond, multiple temple spaces, and meditation spots.

Join me where we may share in tea ritual, walk the paths, or meditate beside the creek as we dive into the depths of your inner landscape.

Review Types of Sessions

First Session

If this is your first session with Chivito, click the button below to fill out brief questionnaire to introduce yourself, connect in and schedule a time with Chivito 


Learning Trail

If you're part of a current program, use the link below to schedule your next session.

Coyote Mentorship

Use this link if you're part of the Coyote mentorship

with Chivito



Use the link below if you've already had a few sessions with Chivito and you're scheduling a new session to connect in.


Raven's Eye View

Use this button to schedule a Raven's Eye View clarity Session.  Includes full write-up.

See Types of Sessions for details 


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