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Exclusive Library

We recognize there are few resources available regarding doing a life Review and growing into our Eldership.  Enjoy exploring these videos and articles that offer rare insight into the inner layers of the Life Review Journey. 

Sacred Approach To Struggle

Drama and struggle in life aren't going to end.  What if there is a way of approaching struggle as a way of coming into the deeper layers and mysteries of life? 

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Broken Into Wholeness

What if your brokenness gives you entrance into your deeper gifts and hidden medicine you may now carry for others?

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Shedding Skins

At one point, we begin to shed our skins and arrive into a deeper authentic place within ourselves.

Story of The Half Girl

Soul Retrieval

This is a potent sharing that carries the essence of what we're doing in a Life Review Journey

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Becoming Elder

Not Older

We have a population merely growing older but few Elders.  It's said grey hair doesn't make an elder. This is another potent sharing.

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Your One True Vow

Insight into discovering what is your One True Vow that you came into this world to live.  Do you know yours?

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These events & journeys inspire deep reflections. Schedule a free phone consultation with Chivito to ask questions, lean into deeper layers or inquiry about Offerings

Writing by the Water

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