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The Half Girl
Path of Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval

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There's a story of the one who became many...

of the many who became one.


Story of the Half Girl is one that had to be kept secret and spoken around the fires hidden from view for it held endangered knowledge that awoken those who listened to something more original inside them wanting to speak with you.


The old ones say "We're in a time of remembering" and so these stories are resurfacing to stir what's yet held in our bone memory.


The path of Soul Retrieval begins with understanding the path of Soul Loss.


Indigenous cultures were rich in oral tradition not because they didn't have a written language, but because they understood the power of story to touch what is unique inside you ready to surface.

This is shared in two parts

1.) First is the story of The Half Girl. 

2.) Second is reflections and offers a path of Soul Retrieval by measuring where our four chambers of our heart register from an Indigenous perspective.

Part One:
Story of The Half Girl

Part Two:
Measuring the four chambers
of our heart

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