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Phone Sessions

Not everyone can pilgrimage to the mountain or The Tea Temple but you can still tap into its essence and lean into the poetic depths of your present inner landscape.

I look forward to connecting with you.


Purple Skies

Life Review Session

These sessions are for those doing a Life Review or considering it.


We've always had initiated mentors who helped steward us through our process.


Because we're always looking our own eyes, we don't see the patterns, beliefs, or stories we've adopted.


Use this session to go deeper into your life review, gain new insight, or some guidance on your journey. .

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Life Review Session

Shadow Work

We all have shadows...  Because you have loved, you know grief.  Because you have dreamed, you know of failed expectations.  Because you've cared deeply, you know anger and resentment. 

Whether it's grief tending, navigating triggers or hidden layers of yourself, these are potent sessions that offer healing, clarity, and direction. 

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Personal Myth Session

These sessions are for those who've done their life review or is wanting to anchor in the Story being lived through you.  

Here we explore your personal narrative and understanding the deeper invitations and pathways your present life is inviting you into. 

Once you become awake to your Personal Myth, you find clarity and personal power to step into life with confidence. 

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Personal Myth

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Free 30 min Consultation

These events & journeys inspire deep reflections. Schedule a free phone consultation with Chivito to ask questions, lean into deeper layers or inquiry about Offerings

Writing by the Water

Got Questions? Email us!

We love to hear you. Feel free to email us with any questions or reflections.  

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