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Life Review

A journey of reflection, healing and embodiment

How Well Do You Know Your Story?

This mentorship guides you through a profound and inspired process of Reviewing Your Life Experiences in a way that provides healing, integration, and becoming embodied in the strengths and wisdom your unique life has afforded you.

In the second half of life it was customary to do a life review.  We trail the paths we've walked in your life, reflect on your experiences from the new vantage point of where you are now, and you harvest the hidden layers and meanings in your experiences.

You heal your past, forgive others and yourself, and come into new understanding with your younger self who had limited knowledge and experience.

You come into new relationship with the life you've lived where it may now become a source of inner strength, power, and clarity with how you step into Today and the horizons yet stretching out in front of you.

What we do


There's a very specific approach and stages of doing a life review.  You're not just outlining your life, you're learning to see with new eyes and ask new questions.

You're guided through three specific stages.

  1. How to navigate triggers, grief and emotions so you don't collapse into them

  2. How to View your life from new perspectives that reveal the hidden layers and deeper meanings and reasons with how you experience life as you did

  3. How to integrate and know your stories that they become a source of inner strength, power, and confidence with how you live from today.

You integrate your experiences so you become embodied and anchored in the storied life that has brought you here.

You release shame, guilt, and stories of unworthiness by coming into new understanding of the deeper layers and hidden meanings in why you experienced what you did.

What's Included



2 Mentor sessions/month

Guided Platform with videos and articles

Be part of a group forum to draw inspiration from 



Partial Scholarships are available.  We're here to make these traditions available.  Connect with us and we're happy to support you in experiencing this journey.

Why Have a Mentor


"We can't heal our past from the same conditioned psychology that created soul loss in the firest place... we must learn to see with new eyes... or more accurately, with ancestral eyes."

The primary challenge with doing this on your own is because you are too close to your own stories and always looking through your own eyes, you'll collapse into your own shadows, emotional content and triggers.


It was always tradition to have an elder or mentor to help you see with fresh eyes, to pull out the stories and layers you can't see and reveal the hidden meanings that awaken us to the deeper reasons and beauty we can't see.

Having an experienced mentor who has guided yearly groups and individual through the experience, who has the trained eye to help you navigate your inner terrain and understand your stories is priceless.


Plus, there is a power and beauty in being seen, of sharing your story, of having someone to walk this path with you.

How to Begin

Begin by scheduling a free 30 minute consultation. We always begin within introductions and listening into your intentions and story.  

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