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Raven's Eye View Session

Clarity & Break Through Session

This session is for those who feel blocked or uncertain in a particular area and would like to gain pristine clarity and direction

We all experience moments when the path is unclear and often times we feel there are hidden blocks or holding patterns that we can't identify. 

An important question we forget to ask is:


What is it costing you by being blocked and what impact will this continue to have on you, your relationships or life?


We all have blind spots and we all have times when the path is uncertain.


And because we're always looking out our own eyes, it's likely you too recognize how you can't see or identify what's really blocking you or perhaps what's actually available to you.


What would having clarity and direction give you? What impact would that have?


The Raven's Eye View Session is one of our most potent sessions.

This is a session I personally do quarterly to stay aligned and in flow in my own life.

Through an artful line of inquiry we:

  • Identify with prestine clarity what you do want... what that will look like and be like in reality

  • Outline a clear map to getting what you want

  • Uncover your hidden blocks, beliefs and holding patterns

  • Unravel and release from limiting beliefs and holding patterns

  • Identify and adopt the beliefs and patterns to get what you do want

  • Be guided through a felt visual experience so you anchor the new beliefs, feelings and vision in your body

  • Outline of clear action steps and clear direction

Approximately a 90 minute sessions with a 30 minute follow up session a week later



  • 90 minute live or zoom session

  • Detailed writeup of our session

  • Recording of session if done online.

  • 30 minute followup session


We offer a 100% money back guarantee.


When possible, we recommend doing this in-person here at the Tortoise Temple

6928 SE 122nd Dr, Portland OR 97236

Otherwise, we can do a zoom or phone session.


Schedule Now. Let's get started!

90 min Session

Raven's Eye View

Schedule for in-person here at the Tortoise Temple or for a phone or Zoom session. 

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Free 30 min Conversation

Schedule a free 30 minute conversation with Chivito.  Ask questions, learn more, explore how to apply these traditions for you specifically

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