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Wild Wisdom Keepers

Restoring Traditional Elders

Aho, Ahéhee' and Tashi Delek! Welcome!

This is a monthly invitation to join community growing into their wisdom and eldership through a deep connection with nature.


We're restoring the ancestral ways of "Coming into our knowing" by going out into nature, listening as our ancestors once did to all living things, and circling together to share our life stories through the wisdom of nature.

It has always been known the natural world is a sacred school of learning and remembering.  It offers us clear reflections and insights into understanding our own lives and how to be in the world... how to be in our own story that is being lived through us.

We go out into nature and learn from the plants, animals, and ecology of place. This is both a cultivation of Self and learning how to be in relationship with place, the PNW Lands and to honor its ancestral roots.

🌟 Key Highlights: 🌟

✨ Cultivating Relationship with Place: Delve into the stories of the land, acquaint yourself with the eco-regions, and forge a personal connection through firsthand experience.

✨ Embracing Nature's Allies: Foster relationships with the plants, trees, mountains, and rivers that form the tapestry of existence.

✨ Living in Harmony with Life's Patterns: Explore the principles and patterns of nature to unearth the threads of your own life story, woven intricately within the Sacred Hoop of Life.


✨ Sharing Sacred Wisdom: Learn to convey the depth of your life's wisdom through the teachings of the Sacred Hoop and the timeless principles of nature.


Join us as we honor the legacy of our elders, celebrate the interconnectedness of all life, and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and communal growth.

The Flow

  • We journey to a designated state park or forest

  • Begin with ritual to give thanks and honor the land

  • Devle into the stories and teachings of our focus that day

  • Begin our forage into nature to experience the teachings from nature directly

  • We have a closing circle as we share what we each received from nature


We will be walking on dirt paths and uneven terrain.  You'll want to be comfortable walking 2 miles, bending to connect with plants, and being outside amongst the elements.



2nd Sunday of the Month

10 am to 3 pm

Locations Vary: typically within an hour of Portland OR


If you've joined us before, please scroll down to RSVP your spot

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME, please schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation.  We model a more traditional way by beginning with introductions.  We're intentionally with crafting safe and sacred space and ensuring everyone is phyaically able to participate.   Scroll down to schedule your intro conversation. 

Free 15 min Consultation

If this is your first time joining us, plesase schedule a free 15 minute call.  We do this to ensure you're physically capable of joining us and are aligned with the intentions of the group.  We value crafting safe and sacred space. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-12 at 4.18.54 PM.png


$50 - $108/person


We ask for a $108 contribution but our focus is on serving our community.  These experience would typically be $207+.  Our intention is to make these accessible to support cultivating a genuine community who can consistently show up and be part of crafting a special cultural community. 

Pay what feels good for you.  If there's other ways of contributing, reach out.

$50 - $108/person

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