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Shedding Our Skins
Transitioning into a new stage of life

Experiencing an involuntary inner and outer shift in life can be intense and disorienting.


Here we explore what's happening and what to lean into as you experience shedding a previous sense of self.  


Sometime in the Second Half of Life, we begin a profound inner-life transition.  We begin to shed the past skins and the wounds, expressed grief and emotions accompanied with them begin to visit us.

Cross culturally, this was anticipated and was a celebrated time of being initiated into your hidden gifts and powers that you've now become ripe enough to bloom into.

TODAY HOWEVER, we lack the traditional elders, culture and practices to ferry us through this significant moment.  Without them, many succumb to depression and growing older instead of blooming into the inheritance you never knew you had.

In this video, we explore 8 core questions:

  1. What & Why is it happening?

  2. Is it possible to avoid these intense transitions? 3:49

  3. What are we being asked to learn in these times? 5:34

  4. What is the primary challenge in transitioning into a new stage of Self? 11:30

  5. What are the Traditional Cultural practices for these? 13:14

  6. What is Personal Sovereignty? 16:17

  7. What Questions can we ask ourselves? 19:06

  8. How can we do this in a traditional way? 23:04

When Shedding Skins Begin

It was the harsh clarion call of a crow

That reached the twig castle inside me

and crumbled it to the ground


Layers and layers of past skins

began to fall away from me


No wonder my steps

had grown so heavy

I had never disrobed before

donning each new set of clothes


But the skins spoke to me

Stories I hadn't been

Ripe enough to receive


I drank from a deep well

hidden inside me

And now I thirst no more

Now I'm home


I roam

~Chivito Cowa

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