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A Sacred Approach

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An Indigenous Elder asked "Can you become broken enough to become fully human."

 Drama and struggle in life aren't going to end.  What if there is a way of approaching struggle as a way of coming into the deeper layers and mysteries of life?  It's said within our wounds, our grief, and struggle are hidden gifts for us to unlock and bloom into. But are you paying attention? Are you leaning in or checking out?


This is an inspired video that offers potent reflections

A Sacred Approach

More Resources & Invitations

Breaking Spells
Thursdays @ 6:30 pm pst

We can't heal our past and embody our gifts by using the same psychology that severed and limited us in the first place.

We're trailing 8 specific spells that have been cast and 8 specific ancestral perspectives that breaks them so you may bloom into the 2nd half of life.

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Personal Myth Circle

Awakening The Sage Within

Begins September 2023

Be part of our annual six month rites of passage for those who've entered the second stage of life.

Harvest your life, heal the past, and anchor into your embodied self. 

Know the story that's being lived through you.

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