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Your One True Vow
Do You Know Yours?

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Do you know what your One True Vow is?


This sharing was originally part of a special class and because of how important this sharing is, we've crafted it to be available to the public.


Worldwide, indigenous and ancestral cultures speak of how we each come into the world with  a Vow that you alone are to live out.   It's said you're born connected to a star that holds particular instructions, mythos and secrets that act as a kind of North Star...  gives direction and clarity with the path you walk.


But today, many walk their path full of uncertainty and doubt.

Something potent and original to our being has been lost

This is a deep dive into:

  • Finding Your One True Vow

  • The Spells that have been cast that block you and how to work with them

  • Ancestral & Indigenous Perspectives that weave us into a greater tapestry of living

  • A profound remembering of who we are and the hidden powers you can bring into the world

This is a soul nourishing deep dive and we recommend crafting a space you can listen in, write down notes and inspired take aways... to be with the hidden gifts woven in this sharing.

“Those who grow old without finding a genuine sense of meaning in their lives tend to become repositories for fear and anxiety, while those who find an inner sense of meaning and purpose tend to become keepers of medicine and healing ideals.” Michael Meade

All The True Vows

All the true vows

are secret vows

the ones we speak out loud

are the ones we break.


There is only one life

you can call your own

and a thousand others

you can call by any name you want.


Hold to the truth you make

every day with your own body,

don’t turn your face away.


Hold to your own truth

at the center of the image

you were born with.


Those who do not understand

their destiny will never understand

the friends they have made

nor the work they have chosen


nor the one life that waits

beyond all the others.

~David Whyte

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