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Reclaiming The 2nd Half of Life

"Those who don't learn the story being lived through them don't become old enough, or ancient enough to

serve the dreaming of life."


Awaken The Sage Project is part of Tree of Totems cultural movement restoring the practices, understandings and culture that reclaims our second half of life as the blooming time instead of growing older time.

Cross culturally our second half of life was the time we became ripe enough to heal our past and bloom into the deeper powers, gifts and relationship with the unique "medicine" we have to contribute to the dreaming of life ongoing.

We're restoring the rites of passage, mentoring, rituals, and culture the enables us to shift from merely growing older to healing our past and blooming into the deeper layers and meanings of our life. 

"Elders are those who have survived little deaths and have learned something of the beauty and meaning of being fully alive. " ~ Meade

Pink Building

Awakening The Sage Within

Six Month Rites of Passage

Fox & Raven Bones

Fox & Raven Bones

Monthly Reflective Storytelling Event

Sunday BBQ

Sunday BBQ

Community Time

Red Mountain

Breaking Spells

Weekly Virtual Fireside Gathering

Elder's Fire

Elder's Fire

Live gathering of wisdom Keepers

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Upcoming Events

Weekly Events

Join us as we restore the cultural traditions of storytelling, ritual, humor, sharing food and reflective dialogue to lean into a more original way of viewing our life and becoming anchored in the personal myth that's being lived through us.

Upcoming Events

Becoming Elder, Not Older.
Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm pst

The second half of life can be weighed down by our past or it can be our blooming time.  

We're sharing the ancestral perspectives and approaches that allows us to heal our past, come close-in with what's now wanting to take form within and be lived through us.

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If we want Elders, we must be willing to become them

Personal Myth Circle

Awakening The Sage Within

Begins September 2023

Be part of our annual six month rites of passage for those who've entered the second stage of life.

Harvest your life, heal the past, and anchor into your embodied self. 

Know the story that's being lived through you.

Breaking Spells
Thursdays @ 6:30 pm pst

We can't heal our past and embody our gifts by using the same psychology that severed and limited us in the first place.

We're trailing 8 specific spells that have been cast and 8 specific ancestral perspectives that breaks them so you may bloom into the 2nd half of life.

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Free 30 min Consultation

These events & journeys inspire deep reflections. Schedule a free phone consultation with Chivito to ask questions, lean into deeper layers or inquiry about Offerings

Writing by the Water

Got Questions? Email us!

We love to hear you. Feel free to email us with any questions or reflections.  

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Medicine Story Podcast

Listen in to restoring an ancestral lens of harvesting our life stories, grief tending, and blooming into our personal myth

Becoming Elder Blog

Stories, traditional knowledge, ancestral mythos and practical wisdom for healing our past and blooming into our gifts

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Going Within Time

We're being invited closer-in with what's wanting to speak to us and gift us new vision as we heal our past

Read Now
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Ancestral Perspectives

What are the ancestral perspectives of the 2nd half of life? How these offer us a more resonating approach and gift us something that's been lost.

Read Now
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Enter the mythos and listen into the stories, interviews, poetry and ancestral wisdom


6928 SE 122nd Dr, Portland OR 97236


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