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The Online Journey
Awakening The Sage

What makes the online journey such a powerful experience is you get to circle together with people from many lands, cultures, and lived stories.


As we trail our paths and uncover the hidden themes and mythic motifs in our lived stories you get to witness real life examples from richly diverse experiences.

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There is something so special witnessing others heal and transform their stories… a powerful healing occurs when you are able to be witnessed in your own journey.


Our online journey has created lasting bonds and friendships as we experience village culture together.


Picture of our Summer Solstice Reunion of Awaken The Sage Participants traveling from all over the U.S such as Texas, New Hampshire, PNW, Minnesota  etc...

What's It Entails

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Inspired Online Platform

Our online platform provides a sacred place to explore the inspired videos, articles, and instructions for each stage of harvesting your life and maturing into your gifts.

Provides a community space to read others' stories, post questions, get mentoring and share your own revelations.

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Ayu-Mythic Mentoring

You have two options of mentorship available.  Chivito and other mentors are readily available throughout the journey.


Experience Ayu-Mythic mentoring where we draw out the deeper meanings and often invisible threads of our personal narratives that cradle us in our re-enforcing beliefs and patterns

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 Council Fires

Twice a month we gather around the VIRTUAL Council Fire (Zoom) where through storytelling, ritual, and artful inquiry we draw out the lessons and discover new textual layers of our journey.

Get live mentoring, listen into other's stories, and share your own as we journey together

In this journey you:

  • Learn to see your life story through the lens of archetypal and mythic motifs that reveal the deeper layers and hidden teachings of your life

  • Become rooted in your Personal Myth~The greater story being lived through you

  • Discover how to harvest the hidden “medicine” (gifts/teachings/strengths) you’ve acquired

  • How to heal and release from collected wounds, failed expectations and regrets

  • How to integrate those gifts and confidently walk in the world with them

  • How to continue to mature into your “medicine” and carry it in a sacred way

  • Reclaim the second half of life as the blooming time

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PLUS you’re supported throughout the entire journey.  If you have questions, blocks or wounds you want help moving through, reach out to multiple mentors

You Will:

  • Release from limiting patterns and mindsets of wounds, regrets and failed expectations

  • Address the limiting beliefs and social conditioning of aging

  • Explore what legacy you want to leave

  • Harvest your life’s experiences and the strengths, incites, and gifts they’re inviting you to mature into

  • How to step into and live from those gifts and strengths

  • How to share your medicine and vision of the world

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Council Fires

Virtual Council Fires (Zoom) will be 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month.  Choose between:

11am to 2pm PST


Sept     24th

Oct       8th and 22nd

Nov       2nd and 16th

Dec       3rd and 17th

Jan        7th and 21st

Feb        4th and 18th

March   3rd and 17th (Spring Equinox)


Roots & Bones Mentorship


Includes two 60 min mentoring sessions/month plus bonus sessions when you need them.


Some Scholarships are available. Use the form below to inquire., share your situation and why you'd like to attend.

Join us for a free Live Introductory Council to learn more, meet your guide and ask any questions.

This is an Invite Only Offering

If you'd like to be considered for this journey please use the form to share why this resonates, what you'd like to get from this, and ask any questions you may have. 

We'll then schedule a FREE 15 minute phone interview to connect with you, share further details and answer any questions you may have.  We do this to ensure we're creating sacred and safe space for everyone participating and ensure we'll be able to support you with your goals.

We look forward to sharing this magical journey with you!

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