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Phone Sessions

Not everyone can pilgrimage to our sanctuary but you can still tap into its essence and lean into the poetic depths of your present inner landscape.

I look forward to connecting with you.


Purple Skies

30 Min Consultation

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with Chivito to ask questions, inquiry about offerings or programs or are just curious to connect and explore how we may be of service. 


Learning Trail

If you're part of a current program, use the link below to schedule your next session.

Coyote Mentorship

Use this link if you're part of the Coyote mentorship

with Chivito



Use the link below if you've already had a few sessions with Chivito and you're scheduling a new session to connect in.


Raven's Eye View

Use this button to schedule a Raven's Eye View clarity Session.  Includes full write-up.

See Types of Sessions for details 


Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 7.19.25 PM.png

Review Types of Sessions to feel into a path of exploration. 

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