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Sacred Hoop Fire

Tree of Totems Village Day

Restoring a rhythm of connection

This is our monthly community gathering of coming together in a sacred way to be in ritual, to drum, to enter the ancestral teaching-stories, to play in nature, and to have a felt sense of togetherness.


We honor our Elders, celebrate our community members, and model a way of living Hozho, "walking in beauty."


The primary focus is to cultivate community and create a felt sense and ease of coming together in a sacred way so we grow our bonds with each other and the land and feel an intact sense of community belonging.


We honor the ancestral teachings and stories... drinking from their well of memory passed down in the oral traditions so we may remember and keep alive the endangered teachings and forgotten knowledge.

The Flow & Experience


We gather outside beneath an ancient canopy of our emerald forests and circle around the fire in the old ways made new. We drum and give thanks to the Great Mystery and the ancestors who've come before us... to the spirit of the land for holding us now.


With each beat of the drum and each sacred offering placed in the fire, we weave our prayers with those who've come before us that our hearts and minds may be one.

As we circle together, we tap into the well of ancestral stories and endangered knowledge.  We reflect on them in the Way of Council and as we share our own life stories we awaken these remembrances inside us and how to live in a way connected to the Earth's Dreaming.

We then play amongst the forest together, explore by the river, enter a spirit of play and curiosity as we connect with the land, animals, and spirit of place.

We cherish the time of community, meaningful connections and soulful conversations.

The General Schedule is:

First Sundays of The Month

9:30 am to 3:00 pm

This is the general timeline and flow.  We leave space for the conversations, spirit of the group and land guide us. 

This is a ceremonial gathering which means, Please arrive on time. Each stage is ancestrally crafted to lead our hearts and minds into the home inside us.  

9:30 - 9:45 am. Arrive, mingle, connect with land.

Greeting Ritual and be Smudged in.


10:00 am

Calling in directions ~ Giving of Offerings and Prayers

Drumming, Song, Movement


10:30 am

Beauty Making ~ Poetry or short story to bring our hearts and minds together.


10:40 am

Check-in Round ~ Grief & Gratitude


11:30 am

Story Round ~ Story Teachings of the Sacred Hoop and community reflect together.






Nature Time ~ Games, Walk, River.




Closing Round ~ Drum, give thanks,


2:30 Mingle Time


Plan on 9:30 am to 3:00 pm with some wiggle room.


If you've been part of our circles, scroll down to RSVP.

If this is your first time or haven't connected with Chivito, then please schedule a Free 15 minute phone session. 

We honor a more traditional approach by beginning with Introductions.  This isn't a business, but a community we're cultivating.  We strive to craft a sacred and safe space for all. 

In this call, we'll connect with who you are, why this resonates, and we'll share what you can expect during this experience. 


We cherish the time of community, meaningful connections and soulful conversations.

Investment ~ Contribution

Contribute what feels good for you.  We humbly ask for contributions to help pay for wood, travel for Elders, preparation and facilitation.  It takes quite a lot of preparation to host these gatherings .

We humbly ask for $40 - $108.  

All are welcome,   If there's other ways you can contribute such as firewood, facilitation, help setup or take down, then please reach out. 

Next Circle June 2nd


Free 15 min Consultation

If this is your first time joining us, plesase schedule a free 15 minute call.  We do this to ensure you're physically capable of joining us and are aligned with the intentions of the group.  We value crafting safe and sacred space. 

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