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Upcoming Events

Below are our live and online events.

Upcoming Events

Becoming Elder, Not Older.
1st Saturdays 11:45- 3:30 pm 

The second half of life can be weighed down by our past or it can be our blooming time.  

We're sharing the ancestral perspectives and approaches that allows us to heal our past, come close-in with what's now wanting to take form within and be lived through us.

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Breaking Spells
Thursdays @ 6:30 pm pst

We can't heal our past and embody our gifts by using the same psychology that severed and limited us in the first place.

We're trailing 8 specific spells that have been cast and 8 specific ancestral perspectives that breaks them so you may bloom into the 2nd half of life.

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Inside Meditation
2nd Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm 

Drawing from the Himalayans Siddhas and Buddhist Tantrikas, we explore what to be aware of within the breath, states of awareness and meditation.

We practice a core technique and then pool our experiences together as we hone in these deeper states of meditations.

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